Month: March 2015


HEEEEEEYYYY! I don’t know what day of #GetFit this is but it’s still day something LOL! I haven’t posted on here but that doesn’t mean that I haven’t been working! I have been sporadic with the exercise but have been ON POINT with clean eating! Now my idea of clean eating isn’t the same as the fads out there. If I did that, I would fail. Clean eating to me is I do eat carbs , but not a lot. I try to snack on veggies , but I have my chocolate once a day. Also, I try not...

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Gender Roles: Do They Exist?

In 2015, do gender roles still exist? Are there times when a man or woman should “know their place?” Are men the only ones who should propose marriage? Is it socially acceptable for a woman to propose? What do you think if you see a woman on her knees proposing to her man? Tuesday’s show SHOULD HAVE addressed all of that but Cee was back from her calculus hiatus so you know it got heated between her and Logic! One thing I didn’t count on was Char  joining in the fire! Listen to find out how it went down...

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FREE $50 Gift Card!

We’re still taking entries to our HOT GUY contest! Post pictures of the guy(s) in your life (hey, we’re not judging) on our Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. We are looking for those guys with hotness: sexy eyes gorgeous hair big biceps nice chest great butt anything that you deem sexy! Winner will get a $50 gift card to any restaurant they like – meaning – THEY WILL BE REQUIRED TO TAKE YOU for referring them!   They will also be repping No Conduct Radio for the 2015 year; great for aspiring models, actors, or musicians. So start submitting those pictures! Don’t...

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…or something like that.  Tuesday’s show is going to be AWESOME – Gender roles; Do they still exist? How would you feel is your husband told you that your place was in the kitchen or with the kids? How about if he wanted to be a stay at home dad; would you think of him differently? I wonder, if I saw a woman proposing in public to her man, would I look down on her?  What do you all think? Do gender roles still exist? Comment below  Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share...

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#GetFit Day 4

Hey!! So today I was supposed to be coming off of my “Off Day” BUT – and hear me out – I’m tired. No no! Really!! It took me awhile to get moving this morning after I came back from the school drop offs. I didn’t start working until around 11am because I was just THAT TIRED. Then I just fell asleep twice throughout the day while working. I’m taking this as a sign that I need to rest so I won’t be working out today. NOOOOW, that doesn’t mean that I’ve been bad because TECHNICALLY you are supposed...

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