Month: May 2015

Prison – Are We Using it or Abusing it?

Are we using prisons as a form of behavior modification or are we using it as a way to keep criminals away from society? What about those who are falsely imprisoned? How about corporate prisons? Ky read 10 of the 19 statistics about our prison system from Read the other 9 staggering stats for yourself here. Missed it live? No worries, listen in below Check Out Entertainment Podcasts at Blog Talk Radio with No Conduct Radio on BlogTalkRadio Join hosts Oran, BJ, & Char. Of course me too, Ky! No Conduct Radio on Twitter/ Instagram @NoConductRadio Like No...

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Who Has it Worse: Mothers or Fathers?

Parenting is rewarding, but also challenging and difficult in so many ways. Mothers and fathers do their best to raise their children to be good and productive people. This is a very demanding task so it’s not surprising it requires a lot of skill, love and devotion. While both mothers and fathers are praised for their parenting skills, one question often pops up in all discussions about parenting: who has it worse, mothers or fathers? Or, to put it this way: is it more difficult to be a mother or a father of a child? Who has a larger...

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Bipolar disorder: A mood disorder sometimes called manic-depressive illness or manic-depression that characteristically involves cycles of depression and elation or mania. Tripolar disorder: A mood disorder of three men who have conquered their addictions and demons. Now these three men will take you with them on their journey and involve you in their exciting cycle of GIVING THE DREAM, FILMING THE DREAM and LIVING THE DREAM. This is TRiPOLAR: In the series to come you will get to know Greg Hannley, CEO of Soba Recovery and an Executive Producer, Daniel Baldwin, an award-winning Actor and Director, and Alexander Draghici,...

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Parental Favoritism: Is it Harmful?

Parental favoritism is usually seen as a bad thing; favoring one child over the others is not seen as a right thing to do. Yet, many parents do have a “favorite child”, whether they want to admit it or not. While some people claim they don’t have a favorite child or that they’d never favor one child over the others, the reality of the situation shows that favoritism is something that happens in many families. Is This Normal? While favoritism is seen as morally wrong, numerous researches point out that it’s actually normal and unavoidable. While there are some...

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Why Arranged Marriages Last Longer than Unarranged

In the minds of many, arranged marriages are nothing but business arrangements. They are not seen as romantic or even honest, which makes some people have negative reaction to the very idea of an arranged marriage. The truth is, arranged marriages tend to last longer than the unarranged marriages and produce a lot of affection. How come? The main reason arranged marriages last is because they are based on compatibility in the most important areas of life, such as beliefs, personality and life goals. Unarranged marriages, on the other hand, are often based on superficial things and do not...

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