Month: June 2015

Gambling On A Dream – Sara Walter Elwood

Welcome to the final stop of Sara Walter Elwood’s Book Tour for Gambling on a Dream! There are several stops on this tour so please be sure to check all of the below listed stops in the coming days. Plus every stop that you leave a comment at gains you one entry to win an Amazon or Barnes & Noble $25 gift card. Until then, Sara shares with us the tricks of the perfect story setting!   The Unplanned Book It is not uncommon for a well plotted or well planned story to take an unexpected turn. I had...

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White Privilege vs Ethnic Privilege

Is there really such a thing as racial privilege? If so, do White people have more than everyone else? Is there a tier as to which race gets more and which gets less? We also discuss Rachel Dolezal and her resignation. See what co-hosts Bernie J, Oran, Jill, & Cee has to say. And we all know Logic couldn’t miss this one! We also had a special guest, Dominique Huff from the Dominique Huff Episodes. Listen below What are your thoughts on this? No Conduct Radio on Twitter/ Instagram @NoConductRadio Like No Conduct Radio on Facebook More on No...

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Myths about Men and Women

There are some prevailing myths about men and women most people believe in. Are all women really looking to get married? Are all men obsessed with their careers? Even if we know these things depend on individual characteristics, it’s sometimes difficult not to buy into one of those prevailing myths. What are the most popular myths about men and women? Myths about Women Here are some of the most prevalent myths about women: All women want to get married. Many people assume that all women want to get married eventually, and that a woman’s primary role in life is...

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Rock Soup – Bring Your Own Topic

This is the second airing of the widely popular “Rock Soup” segment, designed by host Logic. As with all Rock Soup, each host will be bringing their own topics and we only have 15-20 minutes to discuss each question. Char’s topic: Should Marijuana be legal? Oran’s topic: ….was not fully understood LOL!…. Logic’s topic: Are Americans getting soft and spoiled? Listen below and then post your comments below or on our Facebook Page. Check Out Entertainment Podcasts at Blog Talk Radio with No Conduct Radio on BlogTalkRadio Join hosts Logic, Oran, & Char. Of course me too, Ky! No...

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