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4 Tips to Help Deal with Jealousy

Don’t Let Jealousy Destroy Your Relationship

When you’re in a relationship person, it’s often difficult not to experience feelings of jealousy at times. However, it’s important to be aware that these feelings can often do more harm than good if you don’t deal with them adequately.

Jealousy generally stems from feelings we have with ourselves of being inadequate or not being worthy of the love of another person. It can emerge as anger, sadness or even paranoia within the relationship.

The worst part is, usually, there is no reason for such jealousy. The best thing to do is learn to deal with these feelings and try to keep them from coming up in the first place.

Below are some tips to help you deal with those jealous feelings you’ve been having:

1. Evaluate your relationship.
Take a look at your relationship and see if it is built on a solid foundation. Has it been built on trust and respect? If so, the problem most likely isn’t within your relationship. If nothing has happened to make you distrust your partner then you need to look within yourself.

2. Evaluate yourself.
Take a good, honest look at yourself and see if there are underlying problems that could be causing you to feel jealous. Do you suffer from low self-esteem and do you often criticize yourself? If so, it’s a priority to find a way to get over those feelings of insecurity. If you don’t feel secure in who you are, it will be very difficult for you to expect others to be secure about you. Always focus on all of the positive things you bring to the relationship and all of the positive things about yourself.

3. Recognize when you feel jealous.
What’s causing you to feel jealous in your relationship? Is it because your partner spoke to another person and you felt it was inappropriate? Did you partner become friends with someone on social media that you find to be a possible threat? What’s suddenly changed to male you decide that your partner doesn’t still love you? Being able to recognize what has made you jealous in the first step in trying to deal with this feeling.

4. Share your feelings with someone.
Talk to your friends about your feelings and see what they think. They will help you see things from a different perspective and will also be able to reassure you that your relationship is solid no matter what feelings are swirling within you.

It’s understood that you can’t completely control your emotions, but you do need to learn how to deal with them. Jealousy has destroyed many relationships and, in most cases the, jealousy was unwarranted. Don’t let your relationship be one that falls in with the statistics.

Know who you are and where your relationship stands. Once that foundation is in place the jealousy will begin to fade and you will be able to move forward with your partner.

Randomness No Conduct Style

On today’s show, we discuss anything and take your questions. Relationships, family, race – It’s a free for all tonight!

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Relationship Questions Answered

Last show we answered your relationship questions!
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6 Tips to Help You and Your Partner Survive a Long Distance Relationship

Being in a long distance relationship can be complicated, lonely at times, and just plain tough. However, if you have decided that this type of relationship is for you, be ready to take on some of the challenges of a long distance relationship.

Often, with distance comes more appreciation for the simple things in life. Since you don’t get to constantly be together like other couples, it means a whole lot more to you. (Ever heard the term “absence makes the heart grow fonder”)

Below are 7 tips to help you make the most of your long distance relationship while keeping it strong and healthy.

· Know where you are going – You should always make sure that you both are on the same page in your relationship. Is this a long or short term arrangement? Will either of you eventually move to the other person? What future outcome do you both expect?

· Communicate often– Use email, skype, texting and the phone to communicate when you can. Staying in touch helps to keep you close to one another and allows you to feel like the other person really is right there with you. You don’t have to communicate every single day, actually you probably shouldn’t, but do keep in touch with one another.

· Maintain trust –Sometimes when another person is far away our mind might wander into places it shouldn’t and doesn’t need to go. You have to have complete trust and faith in each other for this type of relationship to work. If you both don’t have that, the relationship will surely be doomed.

· Argue only in person – Everyone has disagreements and since you both are far away, it’s hard to have those disagreements face to face like most couples. However, you have to make sure not to argue or fight via email, phone, or other electronic device. This only leads to misunderstandings. Wait until you are face to face to talk though whatever problem you are having.

· Stay true in your beliefs – You and your partner have to believe that this relationship will work. Your family and friends will try to tell you otherwise and make you think you have made a mistake, but if you and your partner firmly believe in the strength of your relationship then you can make it work. It doesn’t matter what others say – believe in each other.

· Get together as often as you can – Don’t let too much time lapse between when you see each other. Try to meet at least every two weeks and if you can do it more often then that’s great too. Just don’t get too involved in your own life that you might push the other person out – even if you don’t mean to.

A long distance relationship isn’t for everyone, but if both people believe in their relationship and believe in each other, the relationship can survive over the miles. People have done it before and you and your partner can be one of the many who do survive no matter the distance or time. Have faith, stay positive and your relationship will last.

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