Month: June 2016

Is Selfie Obsession Putting You in Danger?

In our last broadcast we discussed how the Internet is the downfall of our society. (You can listen to the archive below) All we need to do is listen to a local news broadcast to see why. How many times do we need to see stories about people falling flat on their faces while texting, or even falling in mall fountains, to realize that the Internet, texting and selfies are downright dangerous!

Why now stop, get out of the car and pose with a grizzly bear? Wouldn’t your friends just go crazy over that. Think of all the likes and shares you can get if you post that to your social media pages! Or how about opening your window or door at a wildlife sanctuary to get a photo with a lion or tiger? It’s a once in a lifetime photo! Think about how popular you would be. That is, if you are not killed trying to get the picture!

While these situations sound crazy to some, they are real situations seen on the news every year. So why do people do this? Does our need for popularity and 5 minutes of fame trump our common sense? It seems so, since the stories never end.
So, this past weekend another crazy situations reared its media infested head. Apparently, a few participants of Tony Robbins’ UPW event in Dallas, Texas, felt the need to stop on hot coals for selfies during the fire walk. While this ended up being a false alarm and everyone was fin, it does bring up the subject of our self-obsession with taking pictures of ourselves in situations that are not safe to do so.
For most people who attend the UPW event, the fire walk is a demonstration of mindset – mind over matter and facing one’s fears. Tony puts attendees in the right mindset before the fire walk and lets them know to be free of distractions. Yet, there are always some that feel the need to get that priceless shot in order to gain that 5 minutes of fame.
Is our self-obsession so great that we would put ourselves, and potentially others in danger? In this case, it appears so. Our need to be seen and recognized on social media is so great that we are putting ourselves in precarious situations and putting ourselves and other in danger.
The worst part is that the media has a field day with these stories. They are all over our news feeds, all over TV, and on ever publication, both digital and print. Not only are we obsessed with the Internet, but so is the media. We are definitely obsessed with the Internet. It may well be the downfall of our society, because it is breeding utter stupidity!

How to Avoid Relationship Break-Ups

Every relationship has its good days and its bad days. If it didn’t, it wouldn’t be a real relationship (and let’s be real, it would be crazy boring.) In order to appreciate the good in a relationship you have to go through some of the bad. How, do you ask, can you avoid breaking-up when times get a bit rough?

There are so many different reasons that couples break-up that it’s impossible to cover those reasons in one article, so I’ll try to just cover a few so that you can try to avoid them.

1. Lack of communication. Sometimes we get so busy in our own lives that we just stop talking to each other. Work or other things seem to get in the way so the other person in the relationship feels left out, or is the one feeling left out.

2. Taking the other person for granted. Most of us have been there and done that on one side or the other. Things happen or you do things and the other person just expects that those things will continue to get done. You just know that the other person will always be there so you forget to thank them or tell them just how much you appreciate everything they do. Make gratitude a mandatory part of your relationship.

3. Lack of affection for one another. Do you begin or end your day with a simple kiss on the cheek? If so, you aren’t really being very affectionate toward one another. Relationships depend on closeness and affection and if that goes away, chances are, so will the relationship. Take time to really kiss your partner or just give them a random hug. It might catch them off guard the first couple of times, but after a while, they’ll probably be the one who initiates it.

4. You don’t “date” anymore. Remember what it was like when you first started dating? You both were so excited, so in tune with the other person that you just couldn’t wait to see them again? Well, you can get that back by going on a date at least once a week. You don’t have to do anything expensive if you are on a budget, but just getting out of the house for a real date can make a huge difference in a relationship. If you get stagnant and just do the same old, same old every single day, your relationship will get boring and suffer.

These are just a few things that can cause a relationship to end. The sad part is they can all be avoided by just giving your partner a little attention, love and focus on your relationship more than the other things that aren’t as important.

Reaching You Goals Shouldn’t Be Complicated

Do you find excuses not to lose weight? Did you always want to be a game designer but you are a stay at home mom instead? Wanted to run that marathon but ended up watching it only on tv?

listen to find out why reaching your goals should not be that complicated.

Join hosts Ky, BJ, Logic, and Char

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