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The Eric Garner Verdict

  This week’s question: To shave or not to shave that is the question? Women, do you like your men shaved on top AND below? Men, how about you; do you like a clean shaven woman. Answer this question at  Since we missed it last week, we will be discussing The Eric Garner Verdict with our guest Logic. Also, should side pieces expect gifts for the holidays? Movie Segment: Jurassic World and Star Wars – we will list both trailers on our website. Finally, BJ with the fashion segment – What’s popular for this winter? Listen here: Check...

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Relationships: Dating vs Tinder Culture and Sluts vs Hoes

In our second broadcasted show, we are going to discuss relationships! We want to know more about this Tinder Culture and how is it different from Dating? Is there a difference between Sluts and Hoes? In the movie segment, we will be discussing Jurassic World and the upcoming Star Wars. For entertainment: What’s been going on this week with the celebrities?? Why’s it so quiet? Tune in Tuesday for an all new NO CONDUCT RADIO on Listen here: Check Out Entertainment Podcasts at Blog Talk Radio with No Conduct Radio on BlogTalkRadio Share this:Click to share on Twitter...

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Introduction Show – 12-02-2014

  This is our first show! Welcome to No Conduct Radio where we discuss any and everything from the standpoint of 2 guys and 2 girls. Nothing is off limits! Your hosts are Ky, Cee, Hime, and Bernie J. In our first show, we discussed the issue with Stephen Fincher and the Obama girls. We also discussed the allegations which are flying around about Bill Cosby. We got into a passionate discussion about this and missed the rest of our scheduled discussions. You can listen to this episode here: Check Out Entertainment Podcasts at Blog Talk Radio with No Conduct...

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Bernie J’s Fashion Corner

Kim Kardashian and husband Kenya West have unveiled their first ever joint design campaign for Balmain’s menswear line for spring/summer 2015. The campaign is titled “Army Of Loves”. So Keep a look out for this one. Okay Ladies here are the hottest fashion trends for 2015. Tassels and beaded colorful skirts and dresses will be a hot idea this spring and summer.And sheer light weight transparent skirts and dresses regardless of shade it will be the ideal illustration of sexy and slips are optional Mmm. So last but not least ladies ditch the false eye lashes this year “Because...

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