I know we haven’t done this in awhile, but we HAD to bring back Bernie J’s fashion corner to answer a couple of unnerving questions.

2017’s Summer Fashion is looking bleak for men.

They first brought out the Romphim – a romper for men. Yes, you heard right, a romper – for – men!


Lisa, from Lisaalamode.com, posted an article showing a guy, iamhdiddy, rocking the romphim. Although it doesn’t look too bad on him, I still couldn’t date a guy who wore one of these.

A couple weeks later, I saw the mankini. Can you guess what THAT one is? Yes, a full, one-piece bathing suit for men including a ball pouch. You know, for comfort.


And finally, what’s with the lace shorts for men?


Are men becoming women? What’s going on in 2017? Is it the water?

Voice your comments below. Do you agree with this fashion trend or has it left a bad taste in your mouth too?

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