I’ll take you through a long and contradictory series of thoughts. Some might make sense, others not, some might please you, some might irritate the shit out of you, but I for one, would never read a book on how a 25-year old guy sees the world, what are his internal endeavors, and, most importantly, how he deals with them.
Now, a little background about myself, and, then, we’ll get down to business.
So, I’m 26, and I’m fucked up. I come from a small city in Romania (yes, Dracula’s country, and yes, I’m from Transylvania), and I moved to a bigger city − Cluj-Napoca (you might know it as little Silicon Valley, the area where Electric Castle − it actually takes place near Cluj-Napoca − or Untold festivals take place).
Ever since I was just a toddler, I had a “gift” of tearing things apa


Nicholas Sögard , the author of Architect of My Own Rise reveals some secrets about himself and his book: