Book Cover: Deeperest Deep Thoughts

Move over Jack Handey, these Deeperest Deep Thoughts are the most hilarious deep thoughts to yet come into existence. They are deeper, the deepest thoughts.

For the last ten years, Colin Newcomer has been tirelessly working on his own deep thoughts 16 hours a day, ensuring you a deep belly laugh and hysterical giggles when you read them. Some deep thoughts are Jack Handey-esque, others more Colin Newcomer-esque, and will leave you with deep insights into life and the universe.

In this book you will get all the inspiration and wisdom you need to thrive in your everyday life. Here you will learn the secret of life, what true love is, and even how to fight terrorists. Also, these deep thoughts are 2 thoughts deeper than any other deep thoughts, as they have 98 rather than 96 pages.

This book is beautifully illustrated by the masters of art from all of history, which accompany the Deep Thoughts perfectly. Did they paint these pictures knowing one day they would pair with these deep thoughts? Probably not, but they fit so well, you’ll still have to wonder.

A world without deep thoughts is not any kind of world worth living in. Thank goodness we don’t have to imagine what that world would be like.