Book Cover: Whispers

Henry White is an immortal shackled in a teenager’s body. But such powers do not come without great tragedy. The embattled boy escapes to a new world, and builds an isolated mansion in the United States. Overtime, civilization grows all around it, as does curiosity of its inhabitants. The lingering pesky questions summon the immortal out, and in order to avoid moving from his beloved home, he is forced to attend high school. Much to his own surprise, he rediscovers how to live, yet it is not without its challenges. He is surrounded by humans, the very thing he considers food. Surprisingly, he befriends some, and perhaps begins to feel something more toward Elizabeth. But that feeling cannot be entertained, for his archrivals place him in a dire position-to choose his immortal life or to live among humans.Will he overcome the wrath of ancient evil?
Can he save his beloved?
Daniel Newman, the star from Vampire Diaries and The Walking Dead said, “It’s my new favorite vampire book.
Priyanka blogs, “by far, this is one of my favorite books this year.”
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