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Pennsylvania Man and Girlfriend Allegedly Acted Out ‘Rape-Murder Fantasy’ on Her 14-Year-Old Daughter

I can’t believe the sick people today; it seems like it’s getting worse and worse with every passing day! How could a MOTHER of all people do this to her own child?! Don’t get me wrong, I wonder how anyone could do this to another human being, let alone a child! People these days are despicable!

Pennsylvania authorities say a 14-year-old girl whose dismembered body was found by hunters in October was allegedly strangled to death in July by her adoptive mother’s boyfriend who beat her and sexually assaulted her over an 18-hour period, PEOPLE confirms.

My Partner, My Best Friend

Having your best friend as your better half is different from having your significant other as your best friend. Being best friends with your partner is probably one of the most amazing feeling one can experience in a relationship. But how can you consider your partner as your best friend?

I’ve known a lot of people who are having a hard time dealing with their partner particularly in terms of decision making and other things. They are not open with their partner and don’t really tell them everything. This kind of relationship may not be healthy as it may cause misunderstanding and lack of deep communication between the couple. However, there are also couples who don’t consider their partners as their best friend but, they have an intimate and healthy relationship as well.


The ones who have their best friends as their significant other are considered the lucky ones; this is the best relationship anyone can ask for. Transitioning from friend to significant other will eventually build more trust between the two of you, as well as it will deepen the foundation of your relationship. Some find it hard to be best friends with their partner because of indifferences, however there are some that find it comfortable for being able to share all of their thoughts and concerns with no judgement.


Well it’s not that really hard to be best friends with your partner, as long as you understand and respect each other’s opinion and differences. Starting off, you can tell your partner some things that you would only tell your best friend and see how it goes. It’s best, in a relationship, that you don’t hide anything from each other; this will help you to know more about your other half and continue to strenghten your relationship to make it more precious.

What about you? Are you best friends with your partner? If not, what do you think about this blog post? Do you think it is better to be best friends or should relationship and friendship be separate? Feel free to share your comments and opinions below.

Bacon-Wrapped Deep Fried Burger

Hello guys! Does anyone know about this mouth-watering bacon-wrapped with cheese stuffed deep fried burger? Well if not, then why don’t we try this awe-so-yummy recipe. It’s easy to cook and only need a few ingredients. Let’s start!

Burger Ingredients:
2 quarter pounds of ground beef
4 blocks cheddar cheese
Bread Crumbs

Burger Bread
Veggies of your choice

It’s just like making an ordinary burger. The only difference is that it is wrapped in bacon as well as the cheese-stuffed inside.

You can follow the tutorial on the video below and see how it is easily cooked.

Serve it with barbecue sauce or any sauce of your choice! Enjoy!

You can also try similar recipes of bacon-burgers at All Recipes.

You can share your thoughts about this savory bacon-burger recipe in the comments below!

Apple cookie pie

An apple a day keeps doctor away but if you are someone like me, you would definitely try and bring a twist to eating that apple!!

In comes the APPLE PIE COOKIE!!!

Apple pie has always been a personal favorite but Apple cookie pie? OMG Yes!!

Cooking Panda says the prep time only takes 25 minutes and cook time is 20-25 minutes. Not bad right? The only changes I would make is to use red apples instead of green ones, gluten free, dairy free, and egg free crust, no egg (use the egg substitute listed below), and probably less sugar (and it would be brown because I’m sort of a health nut)

I haven’t braved it yet, but learn how to make this delectable dish with Cooking Panda.

Let me know if you were brave enough to try this and your thoughts in the comments below.

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