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The Decline of The Africans – “The Education of the Africans”

  This is the third installment The Decline of the Africans. This installment focuses on African’s education in the past and to current day.   This episode turned out to be a good one as we had guest, Sheila, on the line telling us about the BET series “The Book of Negros.” Sheila also ended up telling us a story and the show turn a turn into a therapist’s office. Listen to the archive below to hear what happened then chime in with your opinions! No Conduct Radio on Twitter/ Instagram @NoConductRadio Like No Conduct Radio on Facebook More on No Conduct Radio!...

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Talk Show – Life Is Harder For Men

First I want to start out by saying, WE GOT OUR FIRST SPONSOR WOO HOOO! Check out XS Energy Drink. The offer energy using all B-Vitamins and no caffeine. I was sent a can but haven’t tried it out yet; as soon as I have a draggy day, I will drink this. After that, I will update you all to let you know how it was. In the mean time, check out Sean Felder with XS Energy Drinks! So we asked the question if life is harder for men or women. Cee started by saying she thought life was...

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Introduction Show – The Dominique Huff Episodes

Although there were some technical difficulties in the first show while host Dominique Huff worked out the kinks, this was a successful show with a lot of insightful opinions. Join us in welcoming The Dominique Huff Episodes to the No Conduct family!   This show is a conversation that focuses on public policy in America’s cities and counties. As a national oriented talk show, the conversation does cheerlead for political parties but encourages citizens and business owners to know their rights and stand on them. Our show discusses current news, events and issues. We believe that everything that government...

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Can Men and Women Be Friends?

Yesterday’s show we debated on the age old question, Can men and women just be friends? In the beginning of the show only Cee and a listener agreed, but by the end of the show I believe me and everyone else on the show who said no lost. Personally, I still don’t think guys and girls can be just friends; acquaintances, but not friends. However, Logic and I seem to be outnumbered on this topic. We may need to revisit this again. So, what do you think? Can men and women just be friends? I mean FRIENDS, not acquaintances,...

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Would You Be in an Interracial Relationship?

Today’s question is actually the discussion on the show, Would you date outside of your race? If so, how would your parents feel about it? We will discuss this from a man’s and woman’s standpoint ~ would the views change due to gender? You can answer this question at This topic has always been a hot one and the listeners who did call in proved that it IS different for men and women. Listen and see for yourself! Check Out Entertainment Podcasts at Blog Talk Radio with No Conduct Radio on BlogTalkRadio Share this:Click to share on Twitter...

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