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The Melting Pot

For today’s show, we focused on many different topics; taking about 20 minutes on each question. It had a great turnout and I’m glad Logic recommended it. I think we will be doing it once a month. It will be called Rock Soup – BYOQ (bring your own question).   1. What are your thoughts on what’s going on in Baltimore? 2. Paranormal – have you had an encounter? 3. What’s going on with Bruce Jenner? Join hosts Logic, BJ, Cee & Jill. Of course me too, Ky! Follow us on BlogTalkRadio No Conduct Radio on Twitter/ Instagram @NoConductRadio...

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Sugar Babies, Open Relationships, and Cheating. Oh My!

Last night we tackled the growing phenomenon of Sugar Babies who rely on Sugar Daddies/ Mamas. We also talk about cheating and open relationships. Char discusses being a sugar baby. Hosts Oran, BJ, Cee & Char. Of course me too, Ky! No Conduct Radio on Twitter/ Instagram @NoConductRadio Like No Conduct Radio on Facebook More on No Conduct Radio Leave a message on our hotline 484-840-3627 Check Out Entertainment Podcasts at Blog Talk Radio with No Conduct Radio on BlogTalkRadio Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to...

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The Real Side of Parenting

Did you miss last week’s live show? Well here’s your chance to hear it again: Being a parent is the best job in the world. We love all of our kids equally and they are the best things that happened to us. Being pregnant made me feel like more of a woman than anything. I felt the glow and it was amazing feeling someone growing inside of me. When I first saw my baby I fell deeply in love. BULL! Tonight we speak the truth on parenting! Hosts Jill, Cee, Logic, and BJ! No Conduct Radio on Twitter/ Instagram...

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Gender Roles: Do They Exist?

In 2015, do gender roles still exist? Are there times when a man or woman should “know their place?” Are men the only ones who should propose marriage? Is it socially acceptable for a woman to propose? What do you think if you see a woman on her knees proposing to her man? Tuesday’s show SHOULD HAVE addressed all of that but Cee was back from her calculus hiatus so you know it got heated between her and Logic! One thing I didn’t count on was Char  joining in the fire! Listen to find out how it went down...

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The Decline of the Africans – “Africans in Entertainment”

This is the fourth and last installment in “The Decline of the Africans” series. This show is about the Africans in Entertainment; Blacks in Hollywood. Do you all agree? Is there a lot of whitewashing in Hollywood? If so, is it because agents are telling them to do this or is it a self esteem issue? Tell us what you think below. I hope you all enjoyed and learned from this series: 1. Segregation of Africans 2. Assimilation of the Africans 3. Education of the Africans 4. Africans in Entertainment No Conduct Radio on Twitter/ Instagram @NoConductRadio Like No Conduct...

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