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Should You Know Everything About Your Partner?

There’s no such thing as perfect relationship. Yes, there are couples who are happy with what they have; they love and respect each out and share a harmonious relationship, however, there is speculation that happy couples don’t know everything about each other.  Could that be why they seem perfect, or is that a recipe for disaster? Would they feel the same way if they learned something not so good about the other’s past? So the question is, Is it necessary for you to know everything about your partner’s past?   Being in a relationship for more than a year...

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Is Flirting Cheating?

Can flirting be considered cheating? Well basically, flirting with someone when you’re married or in a relationship crosses the line between your emotional and mental relationship with your partner. But how would we know if your partner flirts with someone else or just teases the other person, because there is a differences between teasing and flirting. At least I think so. When you tease someone, it does not include body language queues like winking, provocative smiling and touching, AND it’s usually done when when your partner is around. However, when you tease someone and it includes compliments, seditious words...

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Is Age Just A Number? No. Here’s Why

Relationship are based on attraction, love, trust, ….and age? Some people think there should be an age cut off in the person you’re with; I’m guilty of it. I will not date someone who is even one year younger than me or over 3 years older than me. However, I’ve seen relationships work out with significant age differences and ones that don’t in which both parties are the same age. I’ve had guys who were interested in me who were about 14 years my junior; I can’t get over the age difference. It’s possible that that could have been...

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My Partner, My Best Friend

Having your best friend as your better half is different from having your significant other as your best friend. Being best friends with your partner is probably one of the most amazing feeling one can experience in a relationship. But how can you consider your partner as your best friend? I’ve known a lot of people who are having a hard time dealing with their partner particularly in terms of decision making and other things. They are not open with their partner and don’t really tell them everything. This kind of relationship may not be healthy as it may...

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