So Trump won. How does everyone feel about that? Some people are blaming the ones who didn’t vote, some are blaming the minorities, but the funny thing is Hilary DID win the popular vote but lost the ELECTORAL vote. This is where the American people are confused. The citizen’s vote don’t matter; it’s just a show so you THINK this is a Democracy.

What people need to also understand is that Hilary and Trump as the same person. The US would have been screwed either way it went. The only thing is that Hilary was even more dishonest than Trump, believe it or not. She was more politician than the politicians! That is one corrupt woman who flip flops her policies and only says what she thinks the people want to hear. She has/ had the same views as Trump – please do your research people. You were not safe either way.


We have the next 4 years to see where this goes. It’ll be HILARIOUS if Trump does better than we thought. What do you all think? Leave your opinions in the comments below.