How Do You Let an Argument Be, When You Are Right?

We all like to be right. But sometimes we just KNOW we are right, but can’t get someone else to see our point of view or even budge from an alternative stance on the same subject. It is so frustrating. It can get so heated. So how do you just let it be for the sake of saving the relationship?

Sometimes it is hard to us to step back and submit to others in a way that makes us feel like we lost something. However, if we take the high road and allow others to have their moment, it can have an effect on the relationship that fosters respect for each other’s views. In essence, agree to disagree.

The bigger question is how do you do this when you know you are absolutely undisputedly right? Is being right worth risking a longstanding relationship? What about the fallout for allowing the other person to go on being wrong when you know to be a good friend, you should really correct them?

There are many different views on this subject and we want to hear from you! What are your thoughts? This can be a pretty controversial topic for some people. Leave your comments below and be sure to follow this post to see what others have to say.

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