Relationship are based on attraction, love, trust, ….and age? Some people think there should be an age cut off in the person you’re with; I’m guilty of it. I will not date someone who is even one year younger than me or over 3 years older than me. However, I’ve seen relationships work out with significant age differences and ones that don’t in which both parties are the same age.
I’ve had guys who were interested in me who were about 14 years my junior; I can’t get over the age difference. It’s possible that that could have been a great success in the relationship world, but I may have thrown it away based on the fact that he was just being born when I was in the middle of 9th grade.

We all know Char dated someone who is 31 (she was 49 at the time) and how much of a disaster that was. You can listen to that here:

Read what Samantha Lefave of MSN Lifestyle has to say about the topic in her article “My Fiance Is 19 Years Older Than I Am”

So what do you think? IS age just a number or is it an important part of a relationship? Let yourself be heard below.