Can flirting be considered cheating? Well basically, flirting with someone when you’re married or in a relationship crosses the line between your emotional and mental relationship with your partner. But how would we know if your partner flirts with someone else or just teases the other person, because there is a differences between teasing and flirting. At least I think so.

When you tease someone, it does not include body language queues like winking, provocative smiling and touching, AND it’s usually done when when your partner is around. However, when you tease someone and it includes compliments, seditious words and gestures (like touching and winking), your partner isn’t around or has any idea this is going on, then this can be considered flirting.

BUT it does also depend on your relationship; are you all OK with teasing and flirting. Personally, if you’re with me, you will respect me and do neither of these. Keep in mind, if you are doing either of these, you must take into consideration your partner’s feelings as well.

How do you feel about it? Do you agree with me? Do you think flirting is considered cheating? Don’t forget to share your opinions in the comments below.