Ah, love at first sight. This is a very romantic and popularized notion. You can find it in books, movies, even myths. However, is it possible to experience love at first sight in real life?

This is not an easy question to answer. People have different, often opposing opinions on it. Some people think love at first sight is not only possible but also a sign that the person is “the One”. Other people reject the idea of a love at first sight based on the fact that you cannot get to know someone after seeing them or meeting them for the first time. You may develop an attraction or infatuation, but this is not love.

Idea of a Good Partner

So, who’s right about this? To answer, it’s important to understand that each person has his or her own idea of what a good partner should be. It goes beyond looks. We all have some idea on what kind of people we like and what kind of personalities match out own. Many of these things are subconscious: we don’t really think about them but they are there. These preferences are shaped by many things, such as our own personality, our part experiences, cultural beliefs, personal beliefs, and more.

In short, whenever we meet someone new we analyze them subconsciously and very quickly come up with our opinion on them. This is true for any kind of a contact and not just potential mates. Many times, first impressions are wrong, but many times, this gut feeling about someone is right.

When it comes to potential romantic partners, if our gut feeling tells us this person fits our idea of a good partner, we become instantly interested. Again, a lot of this is done on a subconscious level. This is why you hear people say: “I am interested in him but I don’t know why. He’s not my type!” In these situations, it’s our subconscious feelings that make us attracted to this person.

When this happens, it does look a lot like love. This is why many people call it “love at first sight”. Most of the time, it means that this new person fits many of the requirements for their ideal partner. Such a feeling is very exciting and intense, so it’s not surprising many people describe it as “chemistry” and talk about love at first sight.

What is Love?

Are they wrong about this? Is it really love? Or just a simple infatuation or, as some people call it, “lust at first sight”? There doesn’t seem to be a definite answer to this question, mainly because people define love in different ways. For some people, chemistry and sheer attraction are very important. It doesn’t mean these people do not value other things, such as someone’s loyalty or opinions, but for some people “chemistry” is a clear difference between platonic friendship and a romantic partner. For these people, meeting a person who fulfills their conscious and subconscious requirements for a partner is very exciting. It can be interpreted as falling in love at the first sight or, at least, at the first meeting.

Other people approach romance and attraction in a different way. For them, first impressions are important, but not crucial for developing attraction. For these people, physical appearance and little information you can get on someone based on one meeting is not enough. Only once they get to know this person better they can develop a romantic interest. In short, a person may seem great after one meeting but it means nothing if their personality and beliefs are not compatible with ours. Since it takes a bit of time to see what someone is truly like, it can’t happen on a first date. For people who value this type of attraction love at first sight is not something they believe in. They may see it as initial attraction or infatuation, but not love.

Can You Judge “Love at First Sight”?

In short, love at first sight is not something we can measure and judge. It is highly subjective and depends not only on one’s beliefs and experiences, but also on one’s very idea of love and what it means. It’s therefore not surprising that the subject of love at first sight is so interesting. Each person has their own opinion on it, because each person has their own opinion about what love truly is.

What do you think? Is love at first sight possible? Leave your comments below.