We sat down with the owner of RL Internet Corporation to find out more about the company:


How did you get your idea or concept for the business?
I was working in the corporate world as a programmer analyst and was running eCommerce and blog sites on the side. Of course I did all my Web Design, SEO, and Marketing myself and offered friends advice on their websites. I was tired of the corporate world and decided that running my own Digital Marketing company was the way to go. I did my research for about and year and then decided I was ready to start RL Internet Corporation.

What is unique about your business?
We offer 100% measurable and accountable marketing that lets our client know how we are doing with their campaign. If we are not meeting client expectations, they can cancel at any time as we do not work on a contract. We offer our clients state of the art dash board tools and reports that other firms do not offer.

What’s your company’s goals?
Our common business goal is to run a profitable operation by increasing our client base 15 to 20 percent each year. We want to improve our customer service to make it easier for our current clients and future clients to do business with us. We want to keep innovating and offering the best client tools in the industry.

Do you work locally or nationally?
We work both locally and nationally.

Can you tell me about your ideal client?
An ideal client knows they have a problem and are searching for a solution. They
know digital marketing well enough to allow sufficient time to deploy our solution and
have enough experience to assess our performance. Clients can afford our profitable
solutions and their decision makers are available throughout the process.

What services does your company offer?
We offer Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Website Design, Email Marketing, PPC Marketing, and various other online and offline marketing services. Visit our website to see a full list of services we offer.

Why should I consider a Website Audit?
Over the last year we have seen incredible changes from the search engines in how they compute the search results when someone does a search. It used to be that you could just add keywords to your title tags and content and header tags – get a few back links and there you go you are ranking!
It not that simple anymore and most business owners have not been able to keep up! Hundreds of factors are now used by the search engines to determine how your site will rank.

Some of the more recent additions to these factors include:
Site speed, Responsiveness, Content, and Authority.
As a website owner can you answer these few questions?
1) How many back links do you have?
2) Are any of your back links low quality?
3) Do you have any broken links on your website?
4) Do you have Schema implemented?
5) Is your site loading too slow?
6) Is your URL structure helping or hurting you?
7) Do you have any Meta issues?
These are just a FEW of the many things needed for proper optimization! If you do not know the answer to these questions – you NEED AN AUDIT!

What is the Four Step Marketing Method mentioned on your website?
We have become experts in marketing businesses and helping companies see outstanding sales growth through proven marketing methods. This four-step process covers every critical area of your marketing, insuring that your business will grow. The four systematic steps will uncover areas of weakness and also reviews areas of potential opportunity that you might be missing.
Step One – Unique Selling Point – What uniquely separates you from the competition.
Step Two – Platforms & Offers – Marketing platforms with free offers that allow followup of the leads generated
Step Three – Marketing Arsenal – You will have clarity on additional marketing that
will drive eyes and ears to review your offers and build your pipeline of prospects.
Step Four – Marketing Automation – How to automate the follow up process.

What do you mean by measurable marketing?
Regardless of whether your business is a small mom-and-pop or a large corporation, marketing and promotion are essential to increasing the bottom line. Most business owners have some creative marketing ideas and a budget with which to execute them. However, they struggle to know whether their marketing is successful. That is the objective of measurable marketing, you can determine if your marketing dollars are being spent wisely. Some examples are; How many phone calls are we getting from our TV ads? How many comments are we receiving from each blog post? How many email responses are we getting from our email marketing?

What Tools and Reports are offered to clients?
Every client at RL Internet Corporation receives our Enterprise Marketing Tools and Dashboard. They are:
Online Search Dashboard: Search Rankings, Competitor Rankings, Website Health & SEO, Backlink Profile
Call Tracking Integration: Call recording, Multiple Phone Numbers, Offline Campaign Tracking
Analytical Dashboards for real time monitoring and reporting
Social Medial Automation
Local Rankings & Reputation Management
Pay Per Click Landing Page Publishing Platform
Website Security & Back-Ups