There’s no such thing as perfect relationship. Yes, there are couples who are happy with what they have; they love and respect each out and share a harmonious relationship, however, there is speculation that happy couples don’t know everything about each other.  Could that be why they seem perfect, or is that a recipe for disaster? Would they feel the same way if they learned something not so good about the other’s past? So the question is, Is it necessary for you to know everything about your partner’s past?


Being in a relationship for more than a year can make you assume that you know everything about your partner or their past, but do you really know? We grow and change everyday and there’s always something new to discover; something new to share. But what about their past? Some people are guarded when talking about their past relationships; they feel like you should like in the now and it may feel a bit awkward to discuss it. They may think you might think differently of them or they might hurt your feelings. So, how important is it to know about your partner’s past? The answer is simple; it’s up to your partner and the type of relationship you have. It also depends on how well you can separate past from present. If you find out your partner cheated in a previous relationship, can you understand that  it’s the past and not the present? Well you can ask questions because it’s your right to know, but know that your partner also has the right to choose what to tell you and what not to tell you.


We can’t all have a perfect relationship., but we can definitely make it perfect in our own way. After all, what matters is that you have trust, respect, faith, love and a deeper understanding of each other.

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