“Give me a chance. I’m not like all the others.”

“I’m different. I am not like most guys you meet.”

“Why are you treating me like all those other guys? You have not even given me a chance!”
How many times do you think women hear these lines? How many time do you think women have believed them only to go down the same path and end up with the same results? The answer is just about every time women hear these lines, and others similar in nature.

The thing is, if you really ARE different, not like most guys, or think you deserve a chance with us, you will also understand that you need to earn that privilege. That’s right! Our time is valuable and you need to earn a place taking up that time.

Are you paying for those who came before you? The answer is a resounding yes! Be angry at your fellow brothers who have mistreated us, abused us, cheated on us and belittled us. Don’t blame us when we put walls up to protect ourselves from the very men we do NOT need in our lives. We know we deserve better than that. A decent man would understand that a woman with high standards is worth pursuing and waiting for. He would be patient and be willing to meet us on OUR terms instead of pushing his own agenda, which is usually not the agenda we have.

So, give you a chance? You need to show us you deserve one! Respect us as human beings first, not as objects of your own desires. No respectable woman wants to be that UNLESS you are already her guy. And again, you need to earn that privilege. And once you earn that privilege, don’t go talking smack about us to your homies. We are not your arm candy, your bitch, your babe, or any other thing that we consider derogatory when you are talking to your male friends. And if we find out you said we are, then what makes you any different than all those other guys you said you were so different from?

So, if you want to date me (or any other respectable women), prove to me first you are truly different my respecting me and always treating me and everyone else with dignity. Don’t blame me, or any other women, who puts her walls up and gives you a hard time before she will date you. Your fellow men earned this for you. While we know it is not every man, we have no way of knowing which ones fall into the undesirable category until it is too late. We have learned not to fall for the lines you think we want to hear. Smart women will know if you tell us you are different, you are probably not. If you beg for a chance, it is usually because you know you need to because you don’t really deserve one.

So why are we treating you like all the other guys when we have not given you a chance? Because you are all the other guys until you have earned that chance!