Ok let’s start out by saying I know I am late to the fame but I was not paying $20 to go and see this. I already thought the concept was stupid based on the story and the previews so I had to wait for Netflix.

That being said, I really wanted to like this movie because I felt bad for Ben Affleck, but it’s HORRIBLE. The director has no vision, the story made no sense, and it was just two thumbs down with a kiss my ass attached. 

Let’s delve deeper shall we?

Superman – Henry Cavill

The portrayal of Superman was all wrong! Superman never says things like “you are alive because I allow it” or shows any kind of **they say** God complex or narcissism. This portrayal of The Man of Steel was an atrocity. **side note: this is coming from someone who HATES Superman and his boy scout ways.

Batman – Ben Affleck

Although I do like Ben Affleck as batman, this Dark Knight was done incorrectly as well. I do like how we saw him building muscle, saw his scars, and his fighting style was INSANE however, since when does Batman use guns to kill people? That’s one of his vices, he can’t used a gun because of how his parents were killed. **see Batman Beyond and why he hung up his cape**

Lex Luthor – Jesse Eisenberg

Oh.My.God! This was the WORST! Lex Luthor was someone’s nightmare mix of I don’t know who and the Joker. Lex Luthor is a BRILLIAN, evil, and sane guy. THIS Lex, was crazy, balling, drooling, losing focus, ticking – just so not Lex. WHY was he younger than Superman when he’s historically older and WHY IS HE NOT BALD?
Just horrible on all fronts.

Alfred – Jeremy Irons

Since when has this been Alfred. That’s all I have to say about that.

Wonder Woman – Gal Gadot

Yea the actress is pretty but I would have rathered a belivealbe version of Wonder Woman. You know, the one where she actually looks like an Amazon, has some kind of muscle tone, and is not 95 lbs soaking wet? This actually pissed me off.


Here’s my list of women who could have played Wonder Woman:



Since the hell when was Doomsday made by Lex Luthor out of GENERAL ZOD. I mean what in all the freaks?! All of them….even the little freaks. Why did this have to be in the story/

The way the movie was shot was VERY confusing; like a jigsaw puzzle that a 9 month old was trying to put together and got bored and began eating it instead. What? Exactly.

My favorite parts:

When Batman first sees Superman. I like the look of surprise on his face and the fact that he thought he could run him over. HAHAHA
Batman’s big fight scene

Least favorite parts:

ANY scene with the fake Lex Luthor
The ending fight scene with Wonder Woman
How the fight ended between Batman and Superman “WHY DID YOU SAY THAT NAME?!” “Save Martha” “WHO’S MARTHA?” *Lois* “It’s his mother” (Oh well ok then let me stop beating his ass. That explains everything.) UGH!

I give it 2 stars out of 5 for some good fight scenes

Ps did anyone else notice the crust in the side of Ben Affleck’s mouth at the benefit towards the beginning of the movie. I mean for God’s sake, for as much as this movie costs they could have yelled cut and had him wash his mouth or EDITED IT OUT. I couldn’t look away. YEESH!

Tell me what you think in the comments below. Do you agree with or disagree with me.