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Why People Cheat Continued- Season 3 Episode 28

Tonight we will be continuing our conversation from last week on why people cheat. Last week Char made a pretty controversial statement on not breaking up with someone if they cheated. Listen today to hear the replay of the statement and continue our conversation.

We will be taking your calls and texts.

Join Ky, Logic, Char, and BJ as we answer these questions the No Conduct Way!

Call us tonight to get heard 607-203-5378 or text if you are shy 484-840-3627.

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Bernie J’s Fashion Corner – 2017 Summer Edition

I know we haven’t done this in awhile, but we HAD to bring back Bernie J’s fashion corner to answer a couple of unnerving questions.

2017’s Summer Fashion is looking bleak for men. Continue reading

The Eric Garner Verdict


This week’s question: To shave or not to shave that is the question? Women, do you like your men shaved on top AND below? Men, how about you; do you like a clean shaven woman.
Answer this question at  www.facebook.com/noconductradio 

Since we missed it last week, we will be discussing The Eric Garner Verdict with our guest Logic.

Also, should side pieces expect gifts for the holidays?

Movie Segment: Jurassic World and Star Wars – we will list both trailers on our website.

Finally, BJ with the fashion segment – What’s popular for this winter?

Listen here:

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Bernie J’s Fashion Corner

Kim Kardashian and husband Kenya West have unveiled their first ever joint design campaign for Balmain’s menswear line for spring/summer 2015. The campaign is titled “Army Of Loves”. So Keep a look out for this one. Continue reading

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