First I want to start out by saying, WE GOT OUR FIRST SPONSOR WOO HOOO!

Check out XS Energy Drink. The offer energy using all B-Vitamins and no caffeine. I was sent a can but haven’t tried it out yet; as soon as I have a draggy day, I will drink this. After that, I will update you all to let you know how it was.

In the mean time, check out Sean Felder with XS Energy Drinks!

So we asked the question if life is harder for men or women. Cee started by saying she thought life was harder for women, but couldn’t really back up her opinion. Thinks got heated towards the middle of the show between Logic, Cee, Hime, and some of our listeners.

What was the verdict? Listen below to find out and then post your answer: Men or Women?

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