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SINGER ‘TERA JOHNSON’ RELEASES NEW ALBUM ‘HOME’ A 14 track folky-soul record release recorded by John Bamber


DENVER, COLORADO – APRIL 2017:​​There’s something special you notice with the very first listen of the new album ​HOME​by Colorado singer/songwriter ​TERA JOHNSON​.Tera is breathing some fresh breath into the music industry with her uniquely powerful voice that exudes her beautiful folky soul tone. Tera who was originally born and raised in central Illinois has come from an eclectic background of rich history in not only music, but that of poetry as well. This ability to genuinely convey herself in a deeper way shines through in her new release ​HOME​. The album is her second release and not only a follow up to her debut, but also a body of work showing her evolution as a musician.

Tera received her degree from world-renowned music school “Berklee College of Music” which is located in Boston, Massachusetts. There are many musicians who just go out there and try to make it happen, but Tera has gone that extra mile in attending college to excel her passion in her craft. This journey led her to meet fellow alumni ​JOHN BAMBER​of JBRecording, which is located in one of the United States hottest music cities; Austin, Texas. This duo was hard at work in the studio creating a 14-track masterpiece that really delves deeper into Tera’s intimate life experiences of love and loss.

This is key to know because no matter who you are, we have all dealt with these two things and can relate to Tera’s powerful lyrics. Her commitment, to really shine through with her message can/will touch both fans new and old.

In Tera’s own words she has these thoughts on the new album:

“I used to think dreams and passions expired once you had children and committed to living only for them. However, I learned that really, dreams and passions are only enhanced and became clearer in focus when you become a parent. Nearly anyone can give them life; but it takes complete dedication and conviction to show them how to truly live it…”

This is truly an album that comes from the heart of someone with passion for not only her music, but that of life itself. A strong, family-woman who is ready for a broader audience of ears to hear her beautiful music, this will be a big year for Tera, and we welcome any media/press opportunities. Tera is also accepting live performance booking requests for appearances. If you’re looking for something genuine and original to listen to, look no further than Tera Johnson’s new album ​HOME​.