Independent Soul consists of four native West Virginia men: Stephen Harlow- Vocals and Lead Guitar, Micheal Gilbert- Rythem Guitar, Joe Huffman- Bass Guitar, and John Huffman- Drums. Playing and writing all original Rock n Roll music they grew up with many musical influences anywhere from early 50’s Rock to mid to late nineties and modern Rock. ” I think personally for me, uh, probably my biggest influences were vocally anywhere from Meatloaf to Bob Seager, Steven Tyler, Ronnie Vanzant; and then may sound kinda crazy but uh you could add Martina Mcbride, Cher, and even Foreigner and Steve perry to that mix,” said vocalist and lead guitarist Stephen Harlow. He then added, ” As far as influences on guitar… man there’s so many: Albert and BB King, Stevie Ray Vaughn, of course Hendrix. But even Buddy Holly and Dick Dale, then more modernly would be Sinister Gates. But I would say my major influences are Randy Rhoads and Yngwie malmsteen, and definitely Ricky Medlocke and Steve Gaines. But I really in general just enjoy good guitar no matter who’s playing it. I owe alot of my style to my former mentor and guitar teacher Chris Alderman though he’s the one who really encouraged me to be the best I could be and gave me the foundation for my playing style. For that matter he was really the first to inspire me to write music even.” Harlow then finally added, ” I owe a lot to God above I wouldn’t even be here if it wasn’t for him and he has a huge influence on our music and life for that matter.” The band is hoping to be touring more in the near future stay tuned for updates. We also caught up the rest of the band to ask them about their biggest influences, ” I’d say my three biggest influences among others are Geddy Lee, Cliff Burton, Steve Harris. I’d say the complexity of Geddy Lee, the drive of Cliff burton, and the tenacity and drive of Steve Harris,” says Bassist Joe Huffman. ” My biggest influences are… these guys I’m playing music with right here,” says Rythem guitarist Micheal Gilbert, ” I fill vary fortunate to play with them, they gave me the opportunity to play and have been vary encouraging along the way.” Last but not least we caught up with Drummer John Huffman who said his biggest were, Artimus Pyle, and Neil Peart. I really like their complexity, their technique, style.” You like Independent Soul on facebook, check them out on their website online, and on Reverbnation. The band says they really want to thank their fans, and all the people who have supported them along the way.


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