About “Can You See Me? (Hands in the Air)”

by Lady A aka Alicia Saldenha


“Can You See Me? (Hands in the Air)” is the new, hard-hitting single by Lady A aka Alicia Saldenha. The song is an indictment of the racism and police brutality constantly claiming the lives of black and brown people in the United States of America and around the world.


The subtitle, “Hands in the Air,” references the online protest movement born after the 2014 police shooting of Michael Brown, an 18 year-old African-American killed while unarmed and with his hands raised.


The song also introduces a new creative project by Trinidadian vocalist, composer and activist, Alicia Saldenha. She is well-known as a jazz, soul and funk singer-songwriter in Japan, with two albums, “Rose” (with indigo jam unit) and “Dance with the Sun” (her solo album) under her belt.


“Can You See Me? (Hands in the Air)” launches the Lady A Project, featuring Saldenha’s edgier side, original rap, Caribbean and electronic dance music which she calls TDM or Tropical Electronic Dance Music, and her work as an MC and producer.


Saldenha was influenced and inspired by the great jazz, soul, hip hop, reggae artists and calypsonians who were also powerful voices in human rights and social justice movements, such as Nina Simone, Bob Marley, The Mighty Sparrow, Stevie Wonder and Lauryn Hill.


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