Sylvia G of Milow the Girl has led a remarkable life. The Swiss artist was raised surrounded by baby lions, elephants, chimpanzees and a menagerie of exotic wildlife. Her earliest memories at the age of four years were of her best friends, not neighborhood kids, but leopard cubs, wolves and other assorted playmates. The artist, who’s latest release, “Dreams” which debuted in the top ten on the AC charts, says while her love of animals goes back as far as she can remember, her venture into music came a bit later in life.

Her career started in 2007 when her song “Waking Up “received the award for best dance track at a USA songwriting contest. In 2009, Milow the Girl received the award of Best European Singer at the LA Music Awards. The buzz within the industry caught the attention of US-based label Realize Records and within a few months Milow the Girl was signed to the label. The label released” Days of Power” in 2010 that charted on US college radio. The debut was followed with her sophomore release “32,000 Feet Above” in 2012. The CD produced several successful singles including ‘Beautiful World’ and ‘Distraction’. In 2013 MTG partnered with UK based label Right Recordings to release the single ‘Distraction Timothy Allan and Loverush Remix’. The song went on to reach #14 on the New Music Week’s Commercial Pop Chart. In 2014, the feature film “Days of Power ” inspired by Milow the Girl and her United States Days of Power tour was filmed and is set for release in 2017. The film stars’ indie musicians and actors from all over the world and has special appearances by animal rights advocates Eric and Eliza Roberts, Simone Reyes and Sylvia G herself. In February 2015, the band’s third worldwide release “Overexposed” was one of the most streamed indie releases with nearly a million streams worldwide. The project was recorded in Los Angeles and London with songwriter/producers Robert Venable, Keaton Simons and Stuart Epps. The CD mixed rock, pop and dance genres while you can still hear the influences from an artist who has traveled all over the world.

The band’s new CD, “Dreams” brings a unique sound and new direction. The CD was Co-Written and Produced in Los Angeles by Josh Ricchio in May 2016. The tracks mix dance, alternative and ambient elements. The title track, a remake of the Fleetwood Mac hit, “Dreams” stays true to the original yet brings a mix of ethereal melodies and driving drum beats to create its own unique sound. Other stand out tracks are the first single, “Electrified” an upbeat, rhythmic song about passion and the intense emotional single “I Heard You Say”. Sylvia G says, “We should never limit ourselves because of others limited imagination. So let’s dream.” The CD has reached #2 on the U.S. Adult Contemporary downloads chart and #4 on the Adult Contemporary streaming chart.

In addition to her passion for music, the socially conscious artist works alongside nonprofits such as Soi Dogs and Humane Society of the United States to protect animal rights, fostering and the environment. Milow the Girl says, “I have been blessed to be surrounded by animals all my life. I find it so important to live in harmony with nature; it should be our primary concern to live and respect all that surrounds us. If each of us thought about the consequences of our actions and took the time to change one little thing…what a difference this would make.”

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams” Eleanor Roosevelt”

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