If Skrillex and The Red Hot Chili Peppers had a love child, SIKORA would be born.

SIKORA is an Electronic Dance-Pop Outfit made up of Matthew Sikora on guitars and vocals, Liz Forde on synths and vocals, and Devin Buttner on drums. The Los Angeles-based trio is best known for their unique hybrid of digital and organic instruments, rich vocal harmonies, and hyper-active live shows.

In April of 2013, Matthew Sikora, Liz Forde, and Devin Buttner had an epiphany. Accomplished musicians in their own right, each of them had been writing, playing, and recording in various bands around L.A., but hadn’t yet found the collaborative chemistry they had been seeking. The trio met at a party held by a mutual friend, and soon began talking about music, influences, and ambitions. They quickly realized that this was the chemistry that they had been missing! So we present you – SIKORA

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