Formed from the nucleus of Husband and Wife song-writing team of Paul and Janie Britton, the band also consists of Dave, who plays a 4 stringed guitar style instrument which uses really thick strings, we’re reliably informed that it’s a bass guitar, but we have our doubts cos he doesn’t just stare at his feet when playing.. Danny uses his lungs to blow a variety of brass instruments and his fingers to strum an occasional acoustic guitar. Meanwhile, Paul can be found strumming merrily away on an acoustic guitar and Janie, when she can be dragged away from her piano, can be found, out at the front of the stage, singing away and making sure the crowd are enjoying themselves as much as Skyeladder are, you may also be lucky enough to see a rare appearance of producer, Neil who plays a variety of instrument when he’s on stage. If they’re allowed near a mic or two, the rest of the band can be heard adding a variety of backing vocals. Who knows who else will turn up and play, Skyeladder often invite guest artists to play along side them.

The Skyeladder debut album, “Yeah, Yeah, Yeah” is released soon and the band have already been promoting it having played festivals throughout the UK in 2014. Janie and Paul have also appeared on several radio stations and TV shows.

You can hear tracks from “Yeah Yeah Yeah” by going to or
If Skyeladder are performing in a town near you, it’d be criminal not to get along to see them.
Available as a duo or a full band to book email

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