Formed in 1999 after Pall took an Australian vacation and met his future wife and fellow musician Joey, The Sign is the musical brainchild of Pall and Joey Volta. With an ever-evolving sound, their music hits points of rock, pop, folk, and blues. All created by their 12 and 6 string acoustic guitars, expert vocals, and seasoned studio musicians. The Sign has been touring since 1999 and have played hundreds of shows and festivals in Japan, Australia, and the United States. The Sign have also won awards from the Australian Songwriters Association, Billboard Songwriting Contest, and National Songwriters Contest as well as a place on “X-Factor: Australia” Pall Volta born and raised in Rochester, New York had been dreaming of the rock star life since the age of 12. Pall formed his first band at 14 touring locally for two years in New York. After moving to New York City and serving in the U.S. Coast Guard, he formed the band Prodigy. Prodigy toured for two years all along the East Coast and Canada, opening for Mick Ronson, Peter Frampton, Leslie West, and Cheap Trick. After the loss of a bandmate, Pall took a chance to get to know the other side of the business and went on to learn music engineering, recording, and producing. Five years later, Pall is now in Hollywood, touring with Prodigy once again and the proud owner of one of the largest vintage guitar shops in LA, Voltage Guitars. During this time Pall ventured into narrating and voice over while still collaborating with other bands and musicians like Steppenwolf, Savoy Brown, and REO Speedwagon. Then Pall met Joey. Joey Volta grew up in the small island state of Tasmania, 150 miles off the coast of Australia. With a performing arts driven upbringing, Joey was no stranger to live performances in choir, drama, and piano. However, at the age of twelve she decided to ditch piano and violin in favor of guitar, much to her hard-to-please mother’s dismay. Joey soon taught that being a woman who played guitar, it was tough in a maledriven profession. She started songwriting as soon as she could string three chords together and gravitated towards folk music. That changed however when she heard the American rock band Heart for the first time and discovered Joan Armatrading. Joey now moved to Melbourne in hopes of a career in music, and landed a job as a chaperone for a famous trumpet player’s daughter. All the while networking with other musicians and joining Danger Dancer. Danger Dancer split after two years of touring and Joey then formed Foreign Bodies. Then Joey met Pall. Joey is also an elected member of the Music Managers Forum and was shortlisted in the APRA awards.


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