As a female, I’ve been approached by other females who tell me that just sleeping with a small number of guys in my life is CRAZY. They’ve also told me that I should have a whoring period that I never tell anyone about.

What’s a “whoring period” you ask? Tune in to find out more and follow the debate as to whether or not it’s real.

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Update: Everyone claimed that they never heard of a Whoring period or anything similar. One of our avid listeners says a “whoring period is in the eye of the beholder.” Someone may thing it’s too much to sleep with 2 men in a two year period or 5 men in a 1 month period.

The conversation then took a turn into talking about how long one would wait to become sexually active
after solidifying a new relationship. Everyone except Ky said immediately. Ky and one caller, Logic, said they should wait and get to know each other more.

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What do you think?