Marriage in America – Why Not to Get Married Without a Prenup

This show comes from a post I saw this week about Hulk Hogan and his ex-wife. With the divorce rate so high in the U.S, why is it that we don’t have more iron clad prenups?

In this episode, we find out who would get a prenup/ why and who wouldn’t / why?

We also question what’s going on with the state of marriage?

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Introduction Show – The Dominique Huff Episodes

Although there were some technical difficulties in the first show while host Dominique Huff worked out the kinks, this was a successful show with a lot of insightful opinions.

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F*@king Right!! Finally Proof That Cursing is Good For You!

I’ve been cursing since Freshman year of college; kind of when stress started kicking in. It was a mechanism to deal with stress and anger and ended up sticking with me throughout the years.

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Can Men and Women Be Friends?

Yesterday’s show we debated on the age old question, Can men and women just be friends?

In the beginning of the show only Cee and a listener agreed, but by the end of the show I believe me and everyone else on the show who said no lost. Personally, I still don’t think guys and girls can be just friends; acquaintances, but not friends.

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Bernie J’s Fashion 12-16-14 – Rihanna and Timberland News

Bernie J brings you Fashion News from around the world.

Supreme X and Timberland Footwear has teamed up to design a new line of Timberland Boots. They went on sale in New York Thursday, so look for them to be in your city soon.

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