The Decline of The Africans – “The Education of the Africans”


This is the third installment The Decline of the Africans. This installment focuses on African’s education in the past and to current day.

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We’re BACK!!!

I know we’ve been gone for a minute, but we are BACK and better than ever!!

I had to leave for awhile to reconstruct our panel. We now have an even more diverse panel of 5 women and 4 men from across the United States! Each night, the next week’s 4 co-hosts will be randomly chosen to discuss our controversial topics.

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Talk Show – Life Is Harder For Men

First I want to start out by saying, WE GOT OUR FIRST SPONSOR WOO HOOO!

Check out XS Energy Drink. The offer energy using all B-Vitamins and no caffeine. I was sent a can but haven’t tried it out yet; as soon as I have a draggy day, I will drink this. After that, I will update you all to let you know how it was.

In the mean time, check out Sean Felder with XS Energy Drinks!

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Who’s Life is Harder, Men or Women?


This blog post is related to our upcoming show (Tuesday at 5pm – one hour earlier than normal) “Who Has a Harder Life, Men or Women?”

These posts where sent by one of our guest hosts, Logic, on his side of the argument which shows why men have it harder.

Father sentenced to 6 months in jail for over-pay…:

The Most Abusive Mother In America:

I Got 15 Kids & 3 Babydaddys-SOMEONE’S GOTTA PAY …:

Father Breaks Down Crying After Learning His Evil…:

If any women out there have videos, or comments, to prove why women have it harder please send it to

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