In the minds of many, arranged marriages are nothing but business arrangements. They are not seen as romantic or even honest, which makes some people have negative reaction to the very idea of an arranged marriage. The truth is, arranged marriages tend to last longer than the unarranged marriages and produce a lot of affection. How come?

The main reason arranged marriages last is because they are based on compatibility in the most important areas of life, such as beliefs, personality and life goals. Unarranged marriages, on the other hand, are often based on superficial things and do not necessarily stand the test of time.

Arranged and Unarranged Marriages

There are many ways to arrange a marriage, and it varies from culture to culture. Typically, a marriage is arranged by parents or a professional matchmaker. In many cases, the arrangement simply means to be introduced to a prospective spouse and the decision on whether to marry this person or not fully depends on you. It means young people are not forced to marry someone they don’t want to. Even in these situations, however, arranged marriages are sometimes seen as a bad way to go.

In reality, many – some even say the most – of arranged marriages are very happy. These marriages tend to last long and are less likely to end in a divorce. People in arranged marriages often report high levels of affection and satisfaction with their married life. On the other hand, unarranged marriages are in no way a guarantee for happiness. They can produce a lot of tension and they often end in a divorce.

Love that Grows

Here is another interesting thing: according to the experts, people in arranged marriages tend to feel more and more in love with their spouse as the time passes. This is a contrast to people in unarranged marriages, who often report to be less in love as the time goes by.

After about ten years, those in the arranged marriages have a stronger relationship that people in the unarranged marriages. Love in the arranged marriage grows with the each year, which makes spouses more devoted to each other as the time goes.

These facts clearly show that arranged marriages offer a certain stability and security, so they sure bring a lot of good things to the table.

Arranged Marriages are made to Last

One of the main reasons why arranged marriages last is because they ensure that the two people are truly compatible and suited for each other. Arranged marriages are carefully planned and many considerations are made to choose the right person. Parents or matchmakers take many important things into account, things that people might not consider themselves when choosing a partner outside of an arranged marriage.

In an arranged marriage, a great effort is made to find a person compatible in all the important aspects. Factors such as beliefs, interests, opinions and life goals are taken into account. Also, this approach examines both prospective families and their history. All these factors are taken into account in order to find a truly compatible person.

As a result, arranged marriages tend to produce a good match and lead to a lifelong commitment between two people. Since they are based on what’s truly important: personalities, belief and life goals, spouses in an arranged marriage are more likely to always be on the same page and to support each other through rocky times.

Overcoming Hardships

People in unarranged marriages, on the other hand, are less likely to take all these important things into account when choosing a partner. They might be blinded by passion and believe this one aspect will make the marriage work. Once the time passes and passion fades away, however, people might discover that they are not really compatible in any substantial way. Even worse, when the life gets tough, they are less likely to stick to their partner or offer a good support.

It means that any problem that may arise and any tough situation is difficult to overcome. Loss of passion coupled with reality of life often lead to divorce. Once they discover the passion is gone and once they realize they don’t have anything in common, people simply turn around and decide to end the marriage. Not to mention that they tend to be less willing to go through hard times with their spouse.

These factors contribute to high divorce rates in the unarranged marriages. While not every unarranged marriage will end in a divorce, it is important to know that arranged marriages do last longer.

Long Lasting Commitment

All these factors combined show that arranged marriages are made to last because they are built on true compatibility and things that are truly important in life. Arranged marriages last because they are firmly rooted in things that really make us who you are, not superficial things. While not all of the unarranged marriages are based on superficial things or simple passion, it’s important to know that these marriages do not necessarily take the most important things into account to ensure compatibility. As a result, arranged marriages tend to be longer-lasting.

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