So, since Wonder Woman starring Gal Gadot has come out, I’ve been having horrible conversations with people. People who went to see the movie and thought it was awesome to people who saw it and thought it was horrible, and everything in between.

I’m basically tapped out on talking about this movie, but will post this for No Conduct Radio’s readers out there.
This blog post should be titled “Why I’m boycotting Wonder Woman and How It’s So Easy To Pull The Wool Over Women’s Eyes”

So here are my reasons why Wonder Woman fails harder than they are letting on:


#1 Female Empowerment – or not!
This movie is soooo far from female empowerment it’s not even funny! They paint Diana as this Naïve woman who can kick ass but falls in love with the first pair of balls that come her way. She doesn’t make all the right decisions but does so while staring lovingly into Chris Pine’s eyes. Bullshit!
Also, there was an article that I read yesterday by Meredith Weorner called “Why I Cried Through The Fight Scenes of Wonder Woman,” in which Ms. Weorner says “As the battle raged on, it became clear that the scene was not window-dressing, 10 seconds of Amazon showtime before the real movie started. This was the movie — female warriors kicking ass.” Now correct me if I’m wrong, wasn’t there Xena Warrior Princess, Toph a 9 year old girl kicking grown man ass in Avatar The Last Airbender, Alice kicking grown man AND zombie ass in Resident Evil, Riply from Aliens kicking ass AND not taking shit from any man, Laura Croft from Tomb Raider kicking everyone’s ass and listening to no man! How do I know this? Oh, because I’m that chick who loves watching movies in which the main character is females, kicks ass, and takes no names no matter how crappy the movie is! What, I ask you, make Wonder Woman so different that you are “getting misty eyed” while watching these fight scenes? I call BULL SHIT!


#2 Don’t you find it funny that there are no bad reviews about this movie although Gal Gadot is a HORRIBLE actress?? I mean so horrible that no one remembers her in Fast & The Furious. She was only there so one character can have a backstory and then they killed her off. But NO ONE remembers her!
I actually came across ONE bad review, which I would have LOVED to share with you BUT The Woman’s Coalition of Estrogen Dominance (or TWCED for short) fought for an apology (of what? It wasn’t their movie) and asked them to take it down (which the spineless bastards did).


#3 The director, Patty Jenkins didn’t fight for this movie as so many people are trying to say. The MEN (producers), behind the movie knew that by taking advantage of this current and pointless women’s right movement it would spell out DOLLA DOLLA BILLS YALL in their bank accounts. Were they wrong? Obviously not at currently $115 million gross in theater.
Did you know that Ivan Reitman was initially hired to write and direct this movie in 96? No? SURPRISE!
But women are pouring into this movie with “tears in their eyes” boasting of a movie with feminine power – when nothing but men are behind it. Another FYI, Did you know that the Wonder Woman comic was created by William Marston for men to read as women weren’t, and still not mainly, are into comics?
So pat yourselves on the back women, you just supported some old men’s theory and lined their pockets.

#4 Most of you ARE NOT Wonder Woman fans because this movie doesn’t correctly portray Diana and if you knew that, you would have had at leas a slight issue with the movie.



#4 Gal Gadot is NOT about female empowerment. She is a Zionist ASS who supports the ERADICATION of WOMEN AND CHILDREN. She is very proud and vocal about this. Now, if you’re a racist and xenophobic cunt, then I can understand why this would make no difference to you. However, if you are a human being, this should disturb you greatly as it did me.

So yes, flock the theater with tears in your eyes because Hollyboob has pulled the wool over your eyes AGAIN. Congratulations sheep. Me on the other hand will be boycotting Wonder Woman even if I have to do it by myself.


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