Why is it not okay for some women to just be a housewife and take care of her husband and a man to go to work and take care of his family?

This is really a tough question for some couples, especially for women who still choose to work instead of being a full time housewife and mother. Back in the day, a women’s job was to stay at home and do the household chores, take care of the kids as well as her husband. The husband then would be the sole provider and bread winner of his family; there seemed to be no problem with this setup. However nowadays, women tend to not be content with just sitting pretty at home and wait for their husbands to come home while doing housework and being a full-time mom.


I think the main reason is that the husband can no longer provide the entire family’s needs, so the wife might like to help her husband financially by getting a job as well. This isn’t a bad thing though, as long as the wife can still provide her family’s needs, not just financially, but mentally, physically and emotionally. Many women seem to be doing this nowadays, and they are happy. Although this is just okay, some men (husbands) disagree with this and still want their wives to just be a stay at home moms and a full time housewife. But I guess both will work depending on the couples understanding and agreement.


Disclaimer!! Just because a woman stays at home or works, I still believe a man should still assist his wife with the home and family.

What about you? What are your thoughts about it? Is it okay for a wife to work while taking care of her family, or just focus on being a full time wife and mom? Feel free to share your opinions below.