The other weekend, I was making a very special dinner for my husband and myself for a very special day in our relationship – the date we met! I thought I had all the ingredients, but when I started preparing the meal, I found out that I was missing a few things. So I did what any sanity seeking wife would do – I asked my husband to run to the store so I could continue preparing the rest of the meal.
He gladly went.

This is one thing I always love about my man. He was always so helpful.

An hour and a half later he showed up with my missing ingredients, looking flustered and with all kinds of excuses. You see, he ran into an old friend at the store and they got talking. He didn’t realize they were talking for so long.

Well, needless to say, the meal was ruined and so was the evening. I was so upset, because he has always been the most wonderful husband to me.

The few weeks were contentious for us, and we were at each other’s throats over the simplest things. Avoiding each other became the norm during this time, and he stayed late for work a lot to avoid the confrontations.

After about a month of this, we finally sat down and talked it out, and things went back to normal. I had my lovable husband back!

He told me that during the time we were not speaking much things got really busy at work, so he may still have to stay late until things slow down. I love how he feels responsible for things at work and wants to provide for the family!

A week later, we were taking a romantic walk in a local park by the river. We were holding hands and having a wonderful conversation. It was like we had just met and all those new relationship feeling were front and center again. We were so happy we made a point to take this walk every weekend to enjoy this time together.

About a month later, when we were enjoying our walk when he dropped my hand as a woman approached from the other direction. We all politely said “hi” as she passed, but I noticed his eyes lingered. I asked if he knew her, he said he thought she looked familiar, but no.
Why am I telling you this? I am telling you because he was already cheating on me the day I sent him to the store and had been for a while. He was gone so long because, as I later found out, he went to see her when he went to the store.

His ongoing fight with me was an excuse to see her while telling me he was “working late.” And yes, even after things at home seemed to get better, he was still seeing her and “working late.”
So, why did everything at home feel like it was perfect? Well, he told me that she was just something on the side, but he loved me! He told me he was very happy with our relationship and never intended to leave.

How could he say he loves me and cheat on me? Why did I miss the signs? What caused this to happen in what seemed like a perfect relationship? How could I be so stupid and not know?

Let’s talk about this! Tune in today at 6pm est where we discuss how to know if your spouse is cheating!